Wednesday 22 January 2014

Working on my bedroom

One of the things I've been wanting to do is work on my house. 
I started with my kitchen. 
You can read about that HERE and HERE and HERE
We decided that we wanted to work on our bedroom which hasn't changed at all since our house was built 6.5 years ago. 
We had terrible dark wood furniture. 
I mean the furniture is beautiful. I absolutely loved it...but it collected every speck of dust that floated in the air. 
I was tired of dusting every other day. 
Ok, maybe not that often, but it certainly needed it every other day. 
Isn't this dresser pretty? The whole bedroom set looked like this. 
Pretty but a pain to keep clean. 
So we decided to lighten it up. 

We painted it grey! I LOVE it now. I glazed the edges and painted the tops red. Then glazed the top as well.
Ohhh still playing with PicMonkey, can you tell I'm having fun with it? :)  See the nasty brown walls? They were great when we had to choose a colour for the builder, but I was really feeling depressed about that colour.
I can't believe the change in the whole feel of the bedroom set. That lovely grey is just perfect now.

I couldn't leave the walls that awful I changed it to a darker shade of grey. And who would have thought that grey would brighten the room up? Totally ignore that bed coverings. I will get around to replacing that soon enough. But I still work, so it won't get all done overnight, and I'm not going out and buying something just to get something. 
This time I'm waiting till I find "the" perfect piece I can't live without.
The bed was painted to match.

We have this bench sitting at the end of the bed. I love the bench...but the colours are all wrong now. 
Not sure if I should paint the base and switch up the material to this one...or switch out the bench for something else. 
I think I may have to sleep on this one for a while. 
I still have one wall to finish then move onto my hubby's office and then bathroom and hall way.....oyyyy what have I started? 

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  1. I really like how you did your bedroom furniture. The results are so pretty.

    1. Thank you Pamela, I'm almost done my hubby's office now (which attaches to the bedroom and our closet. :)