Tuesday 28 January 2014

So excited to do this one!

I can't wait.
Well I can, I have to, but oh my.

I went to my Junk store. I had to find a chair spindle. Found that and found something else that made my heart skip a beat. Sitting outside the front door I spotted this amazing cabinet. 

Acting nonchalant I walked in and eventually found the piece I was looking for. Then casually mentioned the radio cabinet and asked him how much he wanted for it. It was after all sitting outside in the snow with no top on it. 
He named his price and I nearly jumped through the roof..good price! 
He said the top was out there and we literally had to dig through the snow to get all the pieces. SCORE! 
I loaded it up and took this baby home with me. 
 The "guts" were already removed so that part of the job was taken care of before I even brought it home. If you've ever done one of these or an old TV, you know how hard it can be to get the guts out.
 This is the top..in three pieces but it's all there! The curves on the front are amazing and I'm so glad we were able to dig it all out :)
 6 awesome legs!
 And curves to absolutely die for!

I haven't even started yet and I'm IN LOVE! 


  1. OMG(oodness)!! That is amazing - I can't wait to see what magic you work on this little piece of heaven! :)

  2. Oh wow did you score! I can't wait to see what you do with it.

  3. I love refinishing and refurb'ing furniture. This is a lovely piece! Good for you for finding such a great piece.

  4. We have that excate same vintage radio. Got it free from my husbands grandma. Ours was in great shape and we left it as is.