Tuesday 26 August 2014

Harlequin table anyone?

Dreamy...just dreamy. 

Isn't it pretty? 
I started out with two of these. I have this "place" I like to go to pick up furniture. Close to the cottage there is a retired guy who goes to all kinds of auctions and sales and picks up "stuff" he thinks he can sell for really good prices. 
So two weeks ago I picked up these. 

Aren't they pretty? 
I knew one of them would be mine. I'm now using it as my bedside table at the cottage. 
I needed to make it match the one I did for my husband. So now it looks like this. 
 Once our summer is over and we head to much cooler weather I will be working on our bedroom and taking lots of pictures. But for now, know that it does look wonderful beside my bed. :)

I can't believe that all these details were not destroyed at any point in it's history. 
Now for the Harlequin table. 
I wanted to keep the integrity of the table but update it. So it too was stripped down, sanded and the taping off began. 
This is such a simple but fun pattern to do. You can do so many things and I plan on switching it up for another project later this week. 
Finally got it all put together and done. 

 Glazing and distressing....and it's perfect!
 Yummy details!

I couldn't be happier. 
It's ready to be sold....now to find the perfect home. :) 


  1. If you were closer, I would be owning this! Just beautiful!

    1. Awww thanks Sandy. That's the best kind of compliment :)

  2. Beautiful transformation - love the colors and the design.

  3. When you posted on my blog the other day that you had also done a table, there wasn't link through your comment to your blog, so I couldn't look at it. I was just checking out the links on MMS's party, saw yours and said "That looks so much like mine!" and discovered it was yours. I can't believe how similar our two tables are! You did a lovely job transforming yours. The paint treatment on the tabletop really makes it unique.

  4. what fun! you really lightened up that heavy looking piece