Friday 1 August 2014

Industrial love

Someday I want a room filled with all sorts of things industrial.
You know the look..a real mix of wood and metal.

I don't think I would like every room to look like this..but one room would be great. (picture courtesy of JoseMarco)
Someday I may redo the guest room...but till then I will just drool.
Since I love this look so much I was struck with instant love this past spring when I spied this beauty sitting on a driveway (town wide yard sale)

I simply had to stop. I quickly snapped this pic and sent it off to my husband. He groaned...but I ignored his comments since by the time he responded I had already bought it :) 

It was rough. I mean the paint (and there were LAYERS of it) was peeling and ugly. 
So after a TON of stripping and cleaning I was able to bring it back to life. 
 I was so excited I started snapping pics before I was able to get the casters on it and before I ha even bought the knobs for the top drawers.

 I wanted to keep that old industrial feel to it but at the same time have something that wouldn't chip and make a mess on someone's floor.

And finally...after a few days the casters were installed and the knobs as well. 
Isn't it perfect now? 
I'm so happy...and can't wait to see who will buy it and what they will do with it. 

AND after a week of having people from kids and friends to parents and parents in law here at the cottage we are alone again and I get to go back to the workshop to get my fingers dirty and hopefully create a few more things. :)


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  1. Great job! Awesome use of color! Really a project to be proud of, glad I found your site.