Friday 29 August 2014

Lovely ice box.

In the days before electricity had us all running out to buy the latest kitchen gadgets we had to eat "fresh" everything. That and we canned a lot of stuff. 

Then came the "icebox" 

 This one came to be so complete it's scary. Well complete other than top. The top was sooooooo termite damaged it literally crumbled as I was taking it off.
 Did you know that these used to be insulated with straw and seaweed? Dried of course but really? Seaweed?

 And the more money you had the bigger your icebox was.

 I added that piece of wood because there is a hole there to allow for cool air to circulate.
 All the shelves are there. How sweet is that?
 The owner of this lovely piece picked this up at auction for only $10. I'm sooooooo jealous.
And now it will grace her office and hold supplies. I love it when clients think outside the icebox.....hahaha...maybe I'm the only one that got that joke. 

Hubby fell in love with this too. I wonder if  it could be insulated again and converted to a wine cooler? How cool would that be? I may have to hunt one down myself. :) 

Miss Mustard Seed


  1. hmmm. A wine cooler in the office would make one a most popular co-worker wouldn't it!