Saturday 6 September 2014

A dresser for family

I Come from a large family. 
Growing up I didn't think it was large, actually I thought it was average and that any other family with less than 6 kids was just tiny. 
And could you imagine having less than say 3? That was just crazy. 
Course, there were days I wished I was an only child.
But if I were I wouldn't have so many nephews and nieces. 
I don't feel like counting them all but I know there are well over 30. 
At one point I knew all there birthdays, then I gave up when they just kept now I consider myself lucky to remember what month they were born. ;) 
A few weeks ago, one of my nieces asked me to redo her dresser.
Nope...this isn't it. The one she brought me ended up being a combination of wood, plastic and laminate.
She had no emotional attachment to I replaced it for her.
And did it in one of her favorite colours. (and since I can't remember all their birthdays, there is no way I could get all their fav colours, so she had to tell )
I did a variation of the Harlequin design on it...and love how it turned out.

I loved the process and the finish so much I decided to do something else using this process.

But for now...I just love knowing that another one in the family is enjoying something I've touched. 


  1. Beautiful work!! Love it! I haven't seen squares like that before, it's very original and wonderful! I hope she loves it!

    ~ Carrie

  2. That is amazing!!! Love the color and the Harlequin patter is to die for! What a lucky Niece you have!!!

  3. Wow, that's a terrific Harlequin pattern - you should be very proud of how that turned out! :) I'll bet she LOVED the whole thing...

  4. This is awesome - love the Harlequin pattern on the top! Besides being fellow Canucks, you and I have coming from a large family in common too. I'm the eldest of 7! Your niece must've been very pleased with her new dresser.
    Marie@The Interior Frugalista
    from Alberta

  5. This is so lovely! Love the Halequin top!!