Monday 29 September 2014

Dresser with a secret

I was out "looking" for stuff for winter. 

Stocking up during the summer is what I do. 

I came across what I thought was a dresser. 

 Solid wood and wonder. Great shape and all original pulls. Loved it.
When I tried to open the top drawer I found that it pulled open to reveal this wonderful secretary.

I should have guessed, but it always seems to take me by surprise. 
So I brought it home and got to work. 

Stripped, stained, painted and painted some more. 
Ta da

 I tried leaving the inside natural. But it was just to dark. It didn't sit well with more painting. (hint, when doing all those slots, it's much easier to remove it and re install after)

 All the pulls were taken off, painted, sanded, glazed and sealed before re installing them. I love this antiqued look.
 And I love that solid walnut top, I just didn't have the heart to cover it in paint.
And now he is ready for his new home...does that home belong to you? 

It is now in it's new home :) 

Miss Mustard Seed
36th Avenue 


  1.! :) What an incredible find, I never would have guessed looking at the first pic that it was a secretary - never knew some were designed and built like that! See, a person DOES learn something new every day *LOL*
    Fantastic work, by the way, I'm sure it'll find a new home in a blink! :)

    1. I was taken by surprise too...and now it's gone to it's new home. Ready for my next lesson :)