Thursday 11 September 2014

New to me Stove.

I'm out and about a LOT. 
Seriously...if more than a few days go by at this time of year and I'm not stocking up for winter, something is seriously wrong. 

So a couple of weeks ago, I was driving along one of my main roads at the cottage and keeping my eyes open for "junk" that is often found there. 

And I spotted it. A stove! 

If you've been following me for a while now, you know we have been slowly updating our cottage. As time and funds allow. 

This is what we started with. Nope...not a proud picture moment, but's 

See that old stove? Ugly as sin, but it worked GREAT! 
So I saw no reason to get rid of it till we could afford to get something else. 
Hubby on the other hand was DYING to get rid of it. 
So we looked on and off, but nothing to seriously...again that whole being able to easily afford it before getting it thing stopped us. 
So this stove was awesome. 
Wanna see? 
 Can you believe someone tossed this?
 It's only maybe 5-6 years old. We were skeptical. I mean who would throw this out?
 So before getting rid of the old one, we made sure that everything on this one worked..and it did!!
It looks so much better now (notice the new paint on both the walls and the cabinets. 

Hubby then told me to go out the next morning to see if they tossed the matching fridge.....funny man. (I did go, but they didn't toss it) 

My eyes will continue to stay open though, you just never know! 

Miss Mustard Seed
36th Avenue 



  1. Hi Titia. I've had a lovely half hour reading your posts from today back to the beginning of July. Wonderful work. Great stove find.

    1. A fellow Canadian. :) Thank you so much for stopping by and the wonderful comments :)

  2. Wow, such an amazing find - too bad about the fridge, though *LOL* It's amazing what people throw away, isn't it? Have we become such a consumerist society that we just throw things away when we don't want them anymore? Thank goodness for people like yourself (and sometimes me, ha ha), that give these thengs a new home, a new purpose, a new look... :)

    1. I know right? Who wouldn't at least "try" to sell it. Happy though they didn't, or we would still be with the old one :)