Monday 15 September 2014

The rebuild has begun!!!

Or crazy me. 
Building a couch......again. 
I think it's been three years since I've done the last one. And in that time I've learned a LOT. 

I've learned that if you search hard enough you will eventually find what you are looking for. 

Such as this Couch

Lovely right? 
You can read about it HERE

I tore it apart, painted it and have finally started the rebuild! 
Hubby is excited. (to finally get this thing moving) 

Started with bare springs and wood.
This took probably 10 hours to this point. Tons of ripping and pulling staples. If you don't want to get blisters pulling thousands of staples, don't even attempt this. The ONLY thing that kept me going was the fact that I believe it will be beautiful in the end...oh and the fact that I'm a stubborn dutch girl! I'm not kidding...I'm stubborn! 

 I started out covering the springs with burlap. This protects the foam from getting worn through by the springs. It wouldn't happen right away, but after years of use it would become a mess.
 Then cutting and shaping the foam, covering it with batting and material.
 I used a complimentary (yet simple) material for this part. If you go look at your couch and lift up the cushions, more than likely you will see a plain material there. That's what this part is.
 Then I took more batting and shoved it between the material and the wood. You won't see this, but it will protect the final material from rubbing against the wood and wearing a hole through that. Trust me you do not want to recover it all again in a material down the road that probably won't exist anymore.
 So don't skimp on it right the first time.

 Then more burlap for the back springs. This part does not have to be perfect. It's there for protection only.
Then the foam for the back. 
This is how far I've gotten today. I have to shape the foam now to fit the back, then more batting and material. 
I'm actually really happy with how it's going so far. Crossing my fingers we don't hit a big bump tomorrow. 
Now for a bit of sleep..


  1. What a fabulous piece! Can't wait to see it all dressed up!

  2. Oh this is going to be something else !!!
    Can't wait to see her finished

  3. Ambitious project! Looking forward to the finished project!

    1. I have the matching chair as well...and will be ripping that apart soon

  4. Great shape. I cannot wait to see it finished.

    1. It's the shape I originally fell in love with! :)