Friday 3 October 2014

Royal Red Dresser.

Pretty sad looking isn't it? 
This is how I bought it...but it called to me to make it pretty again. 
I really need to tell you about the man who finds some of my pieces and then sells them to me. Sweet man who does this as his retirement. 

You really can't see it in this pic...but the legs had magic marker all over them. Not your normal black, but green. Right into the grooves. I was so afraid of it all bleeding through so I ended up stripping the whole thing down. 
It's a bit of a pain, but well worth the effort. 
I managed to save the top...and I really should have gotten pics of sides a bit better. There is no veneer on this. The sides are all about 3/4 inches thick. For those of you who do this a lot, you know how unusual it is to find pieces that don't have at least some veneer on it. 
And someday someone in the future may want to strip it all down again and bring out the beautiful walnut wood under my paint. 
This one would be well worth the effort. 
But for now it's gotten a new look, new paint and stain...and a new life :) 

 For now it's Royal, or Regal. Whichever word you choose it's just so majestic.

 The original pulls just needed a bit of paint, they were so perfect.

And the details made all the work worth it, don't you think? 
 So from this.....
To this........

So happy with it :) 
Have a great weekend! 

Miss Mustard Seed
36th Avenue 
Coastal Charm
Elizabeth & Co.   


  1. I LOVE how this came out! You did a great job. I love red, but am always afraid of using it on you have inspired me.