Saturday 11 October 2014

Out with the with the older! Kitchen update

Ever have your styles change? 
I call it growing and maturing. 
And I love that my husband is growing along with me. 
When we met, I would never have dreamed that his tastes would change right along with mine. 

Our home is constantly evolving. 
 After painting it last winter

I'm really only showing the uppers, since that's pretty much all I've changed at this point. 
See the difference?
 I found this awesome scale at a yard sale yesterday.
 I've kept some of the tins in order to put thing ON. With the molding on the cabinets, you wouldn't be able to see anything if the "stuff" wasn't up a bit.
 I've added a couple of fans I've found over the last few months that my husband fell in love with.
 My baby bath...another yard sale find.
 My stone bottle collection.
 More scales.

And a clock. I love clocks and knew that if I had left this one behind, I would be thinking of it for weeks. 
So instead of suffering, I brought it home :) 
I didn't want to suffer, totally selfish of me I know.. lol 

Now I have to finish cooking, It's Thanksgiving day weekend here in Canada and it's all about the family...or the turkey, or both ;) 

Happy Thanksgiving! 

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