Sunday 19 October 2014

A dresser worth the wait.

Before I start I have to apologize for the poor pic. 

I snapped this pic with my phone and sent the dresser off to my booth as I had room for it to go. 

The next day I was called and told that it sold, but there was a twist. 

The person who bought it, had an identical one that she wanted me to paint to match. How cool is that. She bought hers 3 years ago, the left it in her closet, crossing her fingers that one day she would come across it's twin. 

She told me that she didn't actually believe it would be found. 
 I know you must be thinking that the colours are totally different. But remember my apology about poor pics? phone cam is much to dark to show the real colour. 
 I fell in love with the curved top of this dresser. As I'm sure Lyn did.

She had the handles for hers, so I didn't worry about that part. 
The two will be used as bedside tables in her master and she couldn't be more thrilled. 
She did promise me pictures when she gets it all set up. 

I can't wait. 
I love when there is a happy ending to a long search :) 

Miss Mustard Seed


  1. What a wonderful story - yay yay yay and I can't wait to see how they look in her bedroom. Happy days! : - )

  2. I do that too! I have a piece right now that is sitting in the shop that I didn't take pics of. I forgot my camera!

    Your client is lucky to have found the twin.

  3. Love love love it