Tuesday 21 October 2014

The Broken Beauty gets a makeover.

Last week I shared the story of the Broken Beauty
Go have a peek I can wait..............

Well she is fixed. 
And tonight she went home, with a very happy owner. 

The broken leg had a steel pin surgically inserted (by my wonderful surgeon extraordinaire, aka hubby) glued and wood filled. 
Everything was stripped down and scrubbed with bleach, then recreated. 

 She had bought a coffee table from me in this yellow and wanted the same look. Seriously though the yellow is not as bright as it appears in these pictures.

 Two leaves makes this table actually rather large.
  And for those that didn't go back and read the story behind this table..
The before picture. 
And the after :) 
Well worth all the work that went into it. 

How she is something to treasure for many years to come :) 

Miss Mustard Seed

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