Wednesday 22 February 2012

Feeling Blessed and Grey dresser.

I'm feeling extremely humbled today. 

When I started this blog I'm not sure what I expected. You see I didn't have a specific "plan" or idea in my mind. Actually I didn't think anyone would ever look at my blog. So I didn't go looking for ways to showcase anything that I did. I think this was initially started as a way for me to keep track of what I was doing..a way to chronicle the pieces of furniture that I redid. Things that worked, things that didn't work. Kind of like how I view my life. I like to journal my feelings, my views my thoughts and opinions, then go back and see how all those things change, how I grow as a person. What I liked 10 years ago...well chances are I don't always like those things now. Some things stay the same. 
My views on the world get tweeked. My views on people get tweeked..but my values, my core beliefs are all the same. 
Of course my world isn't the same now as it was 20 years ago. Things that seemed black and white...well aren't always as black and white anymore. Some things have greyed around the edges. 
The last month or so, I've noticed that my blog was starting to get more views. At first it was slow. 
Then grew. Then stayed fairly steady from one day to the next. Then.....................

My views have increased X5. 
I've been featured on a few blogs..and I feel BLESSED. Humbled really. 
Shocked wouldn't begin to explain how I feel. 
I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone that drops by and has a peek into my world. If you comment or you don't (psst, I love the comments though!) 
I just want to say thank you for visiting.

Now onto my dresser :) 
Before I tear up and can't see the screen ;) 

Since things have been selling like hotcakes lately, I had to resort to going online to search for new interesting projects to bring home. 
Lucky me...I found quite a few things that piqued my interest. 
This is one of them. 
Pretty but dated. I noticed a few lines I liked..not the normal legs I'm always in love with, but the spindles between the dresser and the body satisfied that longing enough that I contacted the owner and made my pitch :) 
Thankfully she took it and I went to retrieve the dresser. 
Turns out the person I picked up the dresser from wasn't the actual owner. She actually liquidates estates for owners. hmmmm a good contact for me to have? I think so!! Lucky me. She was also thrilled to meet me. She often has people buy old stuff but then not know who can do anything with those thing. She now will start sending business my way. I see a good future working together :) YEAH!! 
ohh wait, getting off topic here. I was going to show you the "after" pics wasn't I? 
Well here they are. 

 I removed the old hardware as I just felt they were to heavy for this piece. I wanted it to feel lighter..more classic. Not sure if I'm expressing this correctly, I hope you know what I mean.
 I made sure the inside looked just as good as the outside.

 This faux shutter door turned out even better than I had hoped for..doesn't it just make you think of spring/summer and throwing open the windows? It does for me.
Thankfully this piece was made of solid wood. It just made it so much easier to work with. I love real wood :) 
 Ok, so they aren't legs...but I still love how did my hunny get in this? Shouldn't get a cold there hun and stay home from work might end up on a strange blog...hehehehe
 Then I felt I snapped one of my work don't look to close at all that dirt all over me.

I love that. 

So let me know what you think, and enjoy your Wed. 


  1. holy cow - what a difference. I would actually put the finished product in my home. Turned out fabulous. Thanks for sharing - it's a good way to keep life real.

  2. i love it, i'm picturing it by a window with light curtains blowing in the breeze..and possibly a hint of the ocean on the air coming in!

  3. Thanks :) I'm just trying out the whole waxing thing. This was my first real try at it. I suppose I should have mentioned that.. :)

  4. Gorgeous Titia! Absolutely Gorgeous!

  5. What a lovely, unique piece! The makeover is perfect. And congrats on making a great new contact!

  6. Love it! I only wish I could do stuff like that!

  7. Very lovely makeover. I have my doubts at the first picture, but you really make it beautiful again. Very nicely done.
    Welcome to blogland ~ it is a wonderful place filled with wonderful ladies. Newest follower.

  8. One more thing ~ if you take off your word verification for posting a comment, you'll get even more comments cause we all hate those things and they've gotten much more difficult to read as of late. Maybe I'm just getting old.

  9. Oh I had no idea I had that on Cindy, thanks for letting me know. And Andrea..Thank you for the kind words :)

  10. Congrats on the success of your blog and what a wonderful transformation on the dresser. Thanks for linking to the Open House party. Hugs, Sherry

    1. Thank you, and thank you for stopping by :)

  11. If u paint it , They will come, lol....Congrats on blog success..We blog for alot of the same reasons....Enjoyed ur post. Thanks u so much for stopping by to see my dining room and for ur sweet comment.........Bonnie

    1. Thanks, I love seeing what others do, and inspiring me :)

  12. I love it!! Amazing what some paint and elbow grease can do!! I love the color. Great job!! -Sarah

  13. I love that you left the top dark. I am going to borrow your idea.


    1. Thanks. I'm doing another piece with the same idea...I love the combo as well :) Thanks for stopping by :)

  14. Turned out beautifully and I too love the dark top, perfect combo! Great find and a good eye!


  15. Absolutely beautiful...I wish I could do that!

  16. Your piece now has a cozy, cottagey charm. How wonderful that you've made a contact that might prove profitable for your business. ;)

    Thanks for linking to Time Travel Thursday. Hope to see more of your creativity linked up this week.

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage