Saturday 4 February 2012

Two tone waterfall

If you look at the history of waterfall art deco furniture you will find it was cheap to produce and easy to sell in the time of the depression. But it was also well made for the most part. I love that part. 

I grew up with it. Actually it was in my parents bedroom. I would sneak in there and lovingly run my hands over my mothers waterfall dresser. It was just so smooth to my little hands. 
So anytime I see one it just brings back wonderful memories of going in to her room and just gazing at all the wonderful things she had on her dresser. 
I have done a few waterfall projects, some sold well and some haven't. I think it all depends on who is looking for what and when. 
Last night my brother and his troup of kids came for supper and they had a look at some of the furniture I have finished this week. My brother saw the dresser and nearly fainted, he actually thought I had somehow gotten a hold of my mothers dresser and painted it. (brothers!
Again, I did not take a before pic, but want to share with you the afters. 
Enjoy :) 

I left on the original handles, just cleaned them up and put them back, I think they add just the right amount of detail to an already lovely piece. Wouldn't she look great in a little girls room? 

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  1. Nice! I just sold a piece almost identical to this - unpainted though. I always liked it, had it for years, but I just ran out of room. Isn't it funny how we relate furniture to memories?? My brothers have also freaked out that i was painting some pieces...but always seem to like them after.


  2. I think guys just believe that wood should always be wood colour..never painted. sigh. Thanks for the compliments :)

  3. so pretty! the colors are amazing and i love the distressing!