Thursday 25 October 2012

Finally catching up!

Last spring I found this amazing dresser. Sadly it was one of those things I brought home and then set off to the side in hopes of "getting to that one soon"
It had a bit of ripped veneer and the top was totally destroyed...but I loved her anyway. I'm crazy like that.

 I loved that the doors held hidden drawers and I really loved the fact that the front closed with a hidden latch. All the original hardware was with it, and in great condition. (happy dance) I need excuses for not doing this. Actually yesterday I told my DH (dear husband) that I have no idea why I waited..
Oh well she is done now.
I cleared away all the old veneer that was loose, filled it and then cleaned it all up before using my home made chalk paint on it.
This is what I've come up with.
 I glazed it and then did some light distressing on it.

 Totally in love with all the details on this piece :)

There are a few small missing pieces in the details, but I think that just adds character to it. 
 Then when you open her up there are three more drawers. I painted in a much lighter shade, and did the inside of the doors to match.

I keep picturing this one in a bathroom with all your toiletries hidden inside. Of course it could be used for a bedroom. What about an office? Wouldn't it just be perfect for the scrapbooker out there? 

And check out that hidden latch. I love little stuff like that. It doesn't take much to make this girl happy. :) 
What a difference eh? (yes the eh is definitely Canadian) 


  1. It looks awesome! I'm always a sucker for the 'details'!

  2. What a difference! It was a gorgeous dresser, but not it's over the top beautiful!

    When you say you removed the loose veneer and filled it, did you mean with wood filler? I have a dresser with that issue.


    1. Yes. First I removed all the loos and broken veneer and since I was planning on painting it, I filled in those spots with wood filler and sanded it smooth so that it was the same as the rest of the drawers. If I had wanted to refinish it I would have ripped all the veneer off the drawers and replaced it.

    2. Thank you for clearing that up. And I meant to write "but now it's over the top beautiful" and not, "but not it's over the top beautiful", obviously!

  3. Wow...what a piece! The transformation is amazing. Love the details!