Wednesday 31 October 2012

Purple Console

I hope everyone had a great Halloween. 

When my kids were little I used to make them each costumes and we had a great time (out in the country) visiting with all the neighbours. There were of course the places my kids loved going, and the places they were secretly scared of going. Some people really put on a show! :) 

Of course now my kids are grown with homes of their no more costumes to create. 

Sooooo in the mood for something with a bit of halloween colour to it, I decided to tackle this little console table. 

It came to me looking rather sad and neglected. 

 No knobs and no shelf inside. Yes I know there is a shelf there, but my wonderful hubby did that for me while I was at a meeting. Gotta love that man :)

 I love the extra effort that was taken to create a few extra curves for people like me who love curves of pretty much any kind.
All in all it was in pretty good shape. No real repairs needed. 

So I got to work. I thought of doing it a shade of I started with painting the inside with an apple green. 
But when I started to lay the paint on the top...the darker green just wasn't grabbing me. 
So I looked around and saw this can of purple I had bought, but never felt it was right for anything....till today! 

 I quickly painted it before I changed my mind! Every feel that way? Do something quick?
 I felt it needed more, so out came the black glaze and I worked with it till I felt it was right.

 I left the inside alone. I'm loving the two colours together.

I added the glass knobs and set it up for you to see. 


  1. I quite like it! Very subtle hint of purple.

  2. Awesome! I Love it!!! Deep Amathyst (I can't spell) But i really love the black glazing too...Kinda Classy Goth!

  3. so fun! i love that deep purple- perfect for fall!

  4. Those two colors do look good together! Thanx for sharing at THT.