Thursday 11 October 2012

Tic Tock, I love grandfather clocks :)

In my dream home there is a cozy fireplace with a big stone mantle, a rug and a couch that makes you fall asleep the min you sit in it. Off in the corner stands an amazing grandfather clock. that isn't happening any time soon, but I can dream. 

So when a friend of mine showed me the "grandfather" clock she picked up I started to drool. Yes it was a bit on the ugly side but we all know paint fixes ugly right? 

She asked me to redo it, and I gladly said yes. After all that meant it would be in my house for just a little time. the wood isn't really wood and it's more 1980's than antique...but it's kinda cute right?
 I'm a sucker for clocks. I have them stashed all over the house and one day I'm going to make myself a wall of clocks. I'm eclectic that way ;)
 It did have some very cute details that I just knew would pop when done.
Sorry I didn't get any real before pics, I have taped this all off already. 

I used a very dark grey on it. It almost looks black. All of it in chalk paint. You just can't beat Chalk paint for a project like this. :) 
Then I dry brushed a lighter grey over top of it. 

For some reason I don't have pictures of it after I put it all together again. These still have the tape on them. 
BUT I do have a picture of it in it's new home. 

I think it's turned out amazing. :) 

And while I was there? She groomed my new puppy :) I love friends like that. 



He's so cute and clean now :) 
Thanks Sharon :) :) 



  1. Hey, the dog matches the clock, lol! He's so cute!

    The clock turned out beautiful, I like the after much better!


  2. You're really talented. That one looks really beautiful after painting. Added masculine effect to the clock and a great display. More power! =)

  3. it looks amazing! i think i have the same fireplace in my dreamhouse.