Monday 22 October 2012

Made to Match :)

Two weeks ago I made a mistake that turned out well. I sold a sideboard twice. Which in the end turned out well for both my new client and myself. 
She loved the sideboard and wanted a table and chairs to match. 
Oyyyy what a job. I often come across great tables and chairs, but it's totally hit and miss. You know how it is, you can go out looking and never find just the right thing. I was so afraid this was going to happen here. But the very next day I just happened to stop in at one of my junking stores and found this.
 I was over the moon! The top had some major scratches and a stain that is hidden by the leaves, but it was going to get redone, so who least that's how I look at these things.

 The shape of the legs just fit perfectly with the sideboard I did.

 Can someone please please please explain to me why so many of the chairs I've picked up have had pillow cases covering them? Seriously, was there some fascination with pillow cases back in the 80's?
I can not begin to tell you how heavy and sturdy this table is. It's perfect for a young family who is going to really USE this table :) 

My client wanted to have it match the sideboard, so I got to work. She and I messaged via text back and forth when it came time to pick the material for the chairs. I'm so glad she was so easy going. Pictures are great, but they really don't show the colours exactly right and they certainly don't show you how the material feels or how it will hold up to kids. 
I'm not the best picture taker in the world...and well with cell phones my picture taking talent goes wayyyyyy down. 
Eventually she picked a grey fabric with black design. 
And the chairs turned out like this. 
 Now there is even a story behind the chairs. When I bought the table and chairs, there were 4 complete chairs. There was a 5th one, but it was in pieces. I bought it anyway, hoping that all the pieces were there to put back together again. There was. Well kinda. The seat was missing but that's easy enough to cut out and put in place.

Now if you will notice the arm chair is slightly different. My client wanted 6 chairs, completely understandable. So off I went searching again. And again, the second day of looking...I hit pay dirt. Yes I know it's not a complete match, but it works well, especially since it's the arm chair :) 
Then off to work on the table itself. 
The stripping was really a pain. It seemed like there was 1/4 inch of shellac on the table top alone. It took me a full day of stripping and sanding it to get it down to where I could finally stain it. Then 3 coats of a heavy duty poly. 
And finally we have a complete set. 
 I know I know, the pictures were taken in my garage. But in my defense I was alone and couldn't move them all into the house on my own. Plus this was this morning and they are coming to pick up the set tomorrow morning. So really a lot of work for a couple of pictures.
 Didn't that top come out amazing? Sometimes I sit back and see the magic happen and wonder how it happens. I know the work involved but to me it's almost like watching it and not being a part of it. Hard to explain.
 I love how the details just come alive when highlighting them.

So what do you think...does it go with the sideboard? 
Some days I feel so blessed to be doing what I'm doing and loving every min of it. 


  1. You are sooo talented! Gorgeous pieces! : )

    1. awww thank you Kelly :) Just looking at your blog now. I'm jealous! Great travels :)

  2. Wooowww... everyhting looks amazing!!!! what paint and colour did you use? I have actually a SET on an oval table and six chairs... complete with a sideboard. I was thinking to paint it Paris gray form Annie Sloan chalk paint. I have never used a sprayer but I am thinking since this is such a big project, to use a sprayer. I was thinking PAris Grey and dark wax on top.
    Your set looks wonderful!

    1. I have a sprayer but have never hauled it out. I'm almost afraid the clean up would be the worst job ever..but never having tried it, I don't know. Let me know how it works out. Would love to see how yours turns out. thanks for the lovely comments :)

  3. The set looks amazing! Looks like they were all made to be together. :)

  4. Beautiful, this is my favourite yet. I am actually jealous of your client.

  5. beautiful work! i love that the top is still wood which anchors the set perfectly!

  6. It all looks great together! I love it :)

  7. You did a beautiful job on both! I love that sideboard and love the colors. I'm a new follower. :-) Won't you come by and share at Totally Transformed? I know my readers would love to see.

  8. Beautiful. Absolutely love gray and the dark wood together! And, yes, it goes together perfectly! :)

    Lisa @ {createinspire}

  9. Just wanted to stop by and thank you for linking up at Totally Transformed Tuesday. Hugs, Peggy

  10. I love how this set came out! I'm featuring it on my link party this week so stop by and see it there. :) Thanks for posting. Michele