Monday 28 April 2014

More Yard sale finds

More Yard Sale finds.

Oh how I wish I could have had a really big van, or a trailer behind my SUV. There were soooooooo many wonderful things I could have bought on the weekend. 
I just had to keep reminding myself that this was only the first town wide of the year, and I had to pace myself.

 I found this lovely old scale and plan on removing the broken glass then placing it in my booth. These sorts of things always sell really well.
 I have several tables waiting for refinishing and these chairs will go perfectly with one of them :)
 And who doesn't love a cute side table? This one is actually taller than most and could work really well as a bedside table too.
 Then this wonderful coffee table that opens up to reveal a chest. I love the iron bands and I have something perfect to add to it. Can't wait to get started on this!

 Crates! Who doesn't love crates?
This is a reproduction phone from the early 1970's. Just a fun piece. I called my daughter on it when I got back from the cottage, just to make sure it works. It does! :) 

I picked up a few pieces for our cottage...didn't take pics however. No worries, you will see them once I finish redecorating the cottage :) 
Ohhh and one super special find. But I will leave that for a post all on it's own! 


  1. LOVE the repro phone!! :) And booth? You have a booth? You simply must let us "followers" know when you're selling at this booth of yours...
    Of course, I probably read that wrong and have just made a fool of myself *lol* I'll blame it on the hair dye... ;)

    1. Ohhh I thought had mentioned it before. I have a booth in the St Jacobs antique market on King st in St Jacobs :)

    2. I will SO be there! Love St. Jacob's, they have both the best Home Hardware and Travel Goodtime's bus tours does a terrific tour of Mennonite country - besides the incredible shopping! :)
      You probably did mention it earlier, I just didn't look back far enough I'm assuming. Thanks a million for re-posting it, though! :)

  2. You found some great things. On one of my posts I painted one of those 1970's telephones. Here's the link for it if you are interested. lol xo Diana

    1. You did a great job Diana! :) The phone is sold already without painting it. But great idea for something I may want to keep in the future.