Monday 28 April 2014

Something super special :)

Please bare with me as I share a short story. 

As you can see by my last couple of posts I went to my first town wide yard sale of the season over the weekend. 
After unloading everything, organizing and doing some emailing with clients, calling two of my boys (I have two boys who share a birthday, which happened to be Sat) I grabbed my hubby and we headed out for dinner across the border. After all, the next day was my hubby's birthday. That's right, half our family's birthdays are done in two days time. 
On our way home we took the scenic route..something we often do. 

Always on the lookout for interesting things left on the side of the road. You would be surprised how many people do that. Often things are not worth stopping for, broken kitchen counters or toilets etc. I can't count the number of couches with and without torn pillows I've seen sitting there waiting for someone to rescue them or the garbage man to haul them away. 

Oh that's not helping me get through my story is it? 

On the way home we passed a pile of things on the side of the road...a futon, some pillows and something laying on the ground..looked like bed springs or something but the colour was I asked hubby to please turn around and have a look. 
I hopped out and knew instantly that it was some sort of fold up bed. I didn't mess around but asked him to help me load it up in the truck. 
Believe me when I tell you this sucker is heavy. There is no way I could have loaded it on my own. Even with the two of us it was a bit of a struggle. We are not weak people! 

After taking this pic we folded it up and put it away, and carried on with our evening. I measured the width and then went home. 
It wasn't until last night that I finally was able to sit down and do a bit of research on it. 
Turns out this is called a campaign bed because it was taken along with solders during the civil war! 
ALL of the ones I've seen on the net were 30 inches wide, with no casters (which is not surprising as they often fall off) Mine is 47 inches wide and has all it's casters and is in GREAT shape. 

So I decided to contact a few auction houses to see what they had to say. This could get interesting since Sotheby's have contacted me twice about it today. 

Stay tuned. It could mean nothing...but it's could get interesting :) 

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  1. Oh- Keeping my fingers crossed that you hit the mother lode there! Wouldn't that be wonderful if you made a bundle on it? I hope you do!!! What a neat piece!!!! xo Diana

    1. It may turn into absolutely nothing....but crossing my fingers here. :)

  2. Very cool! Hopefully the people who owned it don't find out and tell you it wasn't meant for the garbage!

    1. I thought of that and was actually considering trying to find the original owners

  3. I loved the story and how it unexpectedly turned out to be such a great historical find. I wish I had a truck rather than my small European car where all the china I thrift can barely fit.

    1. I had one of those too....but got tired of borrowing my husbands truck when ever I found something or went to yard I traded it in for an SUV. Works much better :)

  4. now that has captured my interest!!!!!

  5. Oh My GOSH!!!!!!!

    WOW, that is so awesome, I am speechless.

    Can't wait to learn more. GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!

  6. What a great find! I hope you get a load of money for it!

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

  7. Oh wow! Can't help but get excited for you in any case - this is a truely once in a lifetime find! This thing is gorgeous no matter when it's from... :)

  8. The greatest finds can be curbside! Looks like you have found one of those finds! LOVe the style and color......anxiously waiting! Blessings~~~Roxie

  9. I can't wait to find out what happens next!

  10. That is an awesome piece! Thanx for sharing at THT.