Wednesday 23 April 2014

Small project big impact.

Hey Everyone, welcome back :) 
What a great week. Well so far. 
Just wanted to share a little project I made up for ME! 
What a change. 
Ever have left over pieces from one of your projects? I have a house full of them. Some people collect all sorts of things and then have to call shows to declutter (I think they are called Hoarders) I'm kinda like that too, except I collect furniture and furniture pieces (from things I've redone) 
I had this big beautiful wardrobe but I removed the door inserts. 
You can see it HERE
I wish I had taken pics of just the inserts...but like normal, I don't have that. 
Sooooooo just picture a plain oak insert ok? 
This is what I came up with. I just barely covered it with white chalk paint. When I say barely...I mean that. It just went on that well. 
What fun! 

 I really wanted a very distressed/worn through look for this. Then I added some screws to hold some of my treasures. I started with this clock I picked up. I'm clock crazy, but I"m very picky. This one is some kind of metal and was just perfect for me.
 Then I added these vintage window sash pulls. Turned them upside down and attached them. I'm going to use these as key holders. Great idea right? I thought so too :)
I have a few great frames that still need backings on them to hold them up, but then they are going to fill in the spaces here. One is a pic of me with my daughter on our trip to the Netherlands and another is me with my aunt in the Netherlands. I will get to those soon, I promise.
 And if you've noticed, it's still sitting on the ground.
See that wonderful space? Yup, it's going there.......someday..........when my husband gets to it. 
See I've been banned from certain things in our house. Hanging things on the walls is one of the big ones. 
I've tried. Seriously I've tried. I can do light things...which means little things. 
But when I try to do the big ones....wellllllll I fail. 
They never seem to go up right, even when I "do it right" 
So I leave it for him to do. 
And I leave it...a long time sometimes. 
It's been there for about two months now. 
I'm still waiting. 
Ohhhh gotta love my man. lol 

I have to share a couple of personal pics now. 
As many of you know, I'm an Oma now :) 
I have a wonderful 4 month old grandson. 
And this week my grandson finally got to meet his great oma (my mother) for the first time! 
Gotta love Easter right? Great reason to get together. I should have gotten one of those 4 generation pictures, but it totally slipped my mind. 

 So here is a pic of my mother with her great grandson! This isn't a first for her though. She already has 5 other great grandkids...this makes #6.
He is however my very first Grandbaby...and I'm loving ever second I spend with him. He even fell asleep on me. What a precious baby! Love you blue eyes! Being an Oma is the BEST! 

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  1. Oh- What a cute project but an even cuter baby. How darling and what a wonderful picture of your Mom with him.
    If you haven't signed up for my giveaway, Titia, you have another day if you have time to do it.
    Hope you have a wonderful Thursday- xo Diana

  2. Thanks for popping by and entering the giveaway, Titia. Did you know that you are a NoReply when you leave a comment and no one can send you back a direct email? If you want to fix it let me know and I will give you the link. It's an easy fix- xo Diana