Sunday 6 April 2014

Opening the Cottage

This is what I dream of

Or Maybe this

Or even this....

These are things I dream of when opening the cottage. 

But right now I'm just happy the snow is melting. 
And so I went to open the cottage. 
I got there and everything was fine, or so I thought. 

We have a list that the first one there follows so everything goes smoothly. 
It consists of things like "turn on heat"
You know, important stuff like that. Well I got down to the last thing on our list, everything went smoothly till that last item. 
Isn't that always the way things goes? That last item? 
Water. Yup...finally got down to turning that water on and water everywhere! I had to call the township to come replace the gasket. 
Phew...taken care of and we have water. 
Then to have a really good look around. 
And this is what I found
 Can you tell what happened?
 Pop cans exploding!
 We have been cottaging for 10 years and have never had anything like this happen before.
 Full cases exploded.
 What a mess. Out of 5 cases of pop we ended up having a total of 12 cans that survived.

What a mess to clean up, but it's all good now and the cottage is open for another season. 
Now to let it get a bit warmer and I'll be thinking of planning those flowers. 


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