Wednesday 16 April 2014

We are home!

What a fantastic time in NYC.

I've never had a desire to go there. Honestly pictures were enough for both my husband and myself.
But if you read my last blog post, we had the opportunity to go to meet "online" friends for the very first time.

We decided to stay in New Jersey.
Bed and Breakfast is what we like to do and we lucked out and found one just a block and a half from the train station. We were told it's easy to get into the city from there.

WOW...first things first, It IS easy. So easy we were shocked.
But we didn't plan things right. For some reason everyone (aussies and canadians alike) thought it was kinda like the subway as in it was the subway.
So we agreed to meet at a location that had us walking a "few" blocks.

Fun stuff for both couples as no one had wifi to message the other.
But finally we met!
And it was fantastic!
Our first night.
 We went for dinner. I can't even remember what we ate...we spent so much time talking it was great. By great I mean awesome amazing, wonderful to talk like we had been talking online for all these years. No one was was just a continuation of our friendship.
Don't look at my smile to closely..I hate pictures and end up looking goofy.

Now Hubby and I are rather "fly by the seat of your pants" kind of travelers. Seldom do we have an agenda...we get up and just have an idea of what we might like to do or see that day. Lucky for us, Paul and Deb are exactly the same way.
So Friday we ended up ticking off a lot of things on our list of "must see" things in NYC.
We went to Ground Zero
 It was so hard to get decent pictures. So many people walking around and quite frankly, the buildings were in the way. Kudo's to those who can get the right angle etc.
 We did sooooooooo much walking. I am not kidding when I say we walked at least 40 km over the course of our visit to the city.
 We did manage to snap a few pictures of ourselves..maybe not the best pics...but who cares, we had a blast together :)
 Hint for those of you who want to go....bring your best walking shoes!
 Even managed to get a couple of great shots of my husband and myself.
 One of the most moving things I saw...lots of these roses placed in different names. My heart goes out to the families who lost someone on that terrible day. If you go to NYC, you have to go to Ground Zero!
 And what trip to NYC would be complete without a trip on the Staten Island Ferry? I think this is the best pic of Lady Liberty that I could get. It turned out to be a fairly hazy day.

 Waiting for the train to go for dinner :) 
 On the Ferry ride back into the city

 My husband being a goof.

This was all on our first full day there...went to the Empire State building and also went to Times square. We walked everywhere. Seriously. EVERYWHERE! 
I've got tons of pictures and will share more later. 
So glad we went, and glad to be home. Now our friends are on their next leg of their journey across America. Vegas. 
We get home and hit a late spring snow storm..I should have gone to Vegas with our friends!

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  1. Aw shucks, I was hopig you missed that last "Hurrah!" of Winter when you were coming back home. Oh well...
    Sounds like an amazing trip, SO glad you had so much fun! Thanks much for posting, and enjoying the pics *lol*